Bryan Edmonds (aka B-SHOC), was raised in a Christian home in the small town of Toccoa, GA. He gave his life to Jesus at a very young age. B-SHOC spent most of his childhood with a tennis racquet in his hand. He attended Gardner-Webb University on a tennis scholarship.  At GWU, he was named All American and won a NCCAA College Championship.

His love for music began at the age of 16 when he was introduced to hip hop. It was love at first beat. The beat moved him in a special way, so much that he pursued a music career. After many years in the studio and mastering his talent, the music developed a whole new lifestyle for him, which landed him in the night clubs many nights of the week. As his success grew, and he partook of the lifestyle that came with it, depression set in. Something had to change.

He then understood for certain that nothing in the world would satisfy his heart like Jesus Christ. After leaving the night scene, and a lot prayer, the love for the beat still remained. He began writing and recording music about Jesus and his life using the same style of beat. Knowing this was not popular in churches, and that critics would arise, he was dedicated to do God’s will for his life.

Since then God has opened many doors for B-SHOC, traveling the country, and packing concerts full of energy and excitement for Jesus. Thru his concerts and music, he prays more people come to know Jesus and develop a closer relationship with Him. He gives ALL Glory to God.

B-SHOC is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. His loving and compassionate heart is demonstrated through sincere actions of kindness and love. His concert is enjoyed by all ages, from the youngest child to grandmothers and grandfathers. He has learned the art of bridging all age groups and draws them in with his natural manner of extending his hand through his performance and stage presence. Perhaps one of the drawing factors is the fact that He lifts up Jesus in everything he does on the stage. His personality draws people of all ages into his life and his creative performance captivates their attention, allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work in their lives. I recommend B-SHOC without reservation.
— Tony Lane, Discipleship and Children’s Ministries Coordinator, Church of God
B-SHOC is one of a kind! I have traveled and preached the gospel for over 20 years and I can honesty say I have never had a shake your soul for Jesus experience like B-SHOC and his team deliver. As an international speaker I have got to serve with many different bands but none delivering quite the ministry punch that B-SHOC brings to the crowd. From the moment he shows up there is an attitude of excellence and a heart for people that I truly believe are led by the power of The Holy Spirit. He is a true humble artist who knows what The Lord has called him to do and delivers it at every performance.
— Christian Chapman, Lead Pastor, Radiant Church
B-SHOC has a great passion and determination to win thousands of souls for the kingdom of God. His compassion for children and adults is displayed in the message his music brings. His integrity and giving heart is to be admired. B-SHOC’s unique, energetic style of rap music is so exhilarating that audiences wait in anticipation for his entrance. He appears on stage, brilliant lights start flashing, the music begins, he greets the people and the place goes wild as they start “Jumping For Jesus”. It is amazing to watch. God has truly called and anointed this godly man for this time and generation. He has answered the call and has seen the harvest of thousands come into the kingdom. Now he moves forward to a greater harvest.
— John & Shirley Tasch, Tasch Ministries International
B-SHOC uses his God-given talent to glorify Jesus Christ and to uplift people of all ages. His kind, caring spirit is relational and approachable. B-SHOC’s concerts are electrifying, stimulating; he touches all the emotions. B-SHOC’s music is Christ-Focused, relevant; he blends a unique style with skillful lyrics for a lasting impact on the listener.
— Greg Baird, Georgia State Director of Ministries, Church of God
B-SHOC has the BOOST audience jumping in a major way. Having his music in our mix definitely brings our hype vibe to a whole new level.
— Mike Couchman, Operations Manager, BOOST 101.9 FM
B-SHOC is a man gifted by God with a heart to see those who are lost find their way to Christ Jesus. God has empowered B-SHOC with a keen sense of understanding people of all ages. The gift of music within him positively affects those who hear. At his concerts, get ready to experience God’s Word through high-energy worship and celebration; a multi-media presentation in conjunction with lyrics that brings the show to life! B-SHOC’s music is anchored in TRUTH. A positive message guaranteed to encourage and uplift the soul.
— Brian Yaun, Tennessee State Director of Youth and Discipleship, Church of God
B-SHOC is first of all, a young man who is totally focused on the Glory of Jesus Christ! He is an extremely humble and gentle young man who genuinely loves The Lord! The B-SHOC Concert is an amazing worship service! Your life is changed as you are brought into an encounter with God through the concert experience! The laser light show will blow you away and is much better than many of the main stream Christian artists! At the heart of a B-SHOC concert is the moment when he shares his own powerful testimony and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and many, many people young and old make a genuine commitment to follow Jesus! B-SHOC’s music is absolutely awesome!! You are learning Bible verses, and singing worship to Jesus as the bass is booming! You will be encouraged to worship and to witness to others of God’s life-changing love through this music!!!!
— Eric Chaney, Pastor of Youth Ministries, Stanley Pentecostal Holiness Church
B-SHOC is not only full of energy and has a passion for lost souls on the stage, but he is an authentic man of God behind the scenes who is full of the joy of Jesus deep into his soul! The B-SHOC Show is full of energy and a love for Jesus which shows in reaching the lost through an intentional salvation message. B-SHOC’s music shows that being a believer can be fun and yet through its deep challenging messages of the gospel of Jesus Christ, brings either the lost souls to Jesus or the believer closer to their Savior and is able to reach all generations.
— Todd Willoughby, Pastor of Student Ministries, Somerset Alliance Church
B-SHOC is a young man with integrity and genuine Christian character. He demonstrates a sincere heart for God and people. A B-SHOC show is a moving experience that is high energy and leads people toward Jesus Christ. B-SHOC music is real. The beat is definitely appealing to the younger generations. The lyrics address real life issues and point to Jesus Christ as the answer.
— Rob Taylor, Eastern North Carolina State Director of Youth and Discipleship, Church of God
I’ve known B-SHOC for several years now and I’m continually amazed at how this man of God connects with people. Words of encouragement and truth are at the very center of his unique musical style. His passion and heart to lead his listeners to Christ is evident each time he takes the stage.
— Shane Bowers, Julian Drive, National Touring Band
It is evident that God is using B-SHOC and his team mightily to uplift the Kingdom of God and spread the message of Jesus. The B-SHOC experience is incredible to say the least and you can always count on the Holy Spirit’s presence at the show. I must say, it is an experience like no other!!
— Eric Lundy, Pastor, Unity Church